NOTICE — Retirement Reporting


On motion of Carol Murray second by Edward Raeder the following resolution was offered and adopted:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Roxbury hereby establishes the following as standard work days for elected and appointed officials and will report the following days worked to the New York State and Local Employee’s Retirement System based on the record of activities maintained and submitted by these officials to the clerk of this body,


Title Name Standard

Work Day





Record of

Time Worked


Days Per Month (based on record of Activities)
Tax Collector Joan Moore 8 1/1/12-12/31/13 N 7
Justice Wayne R. Pebler 8 1/1/10-12/31/13 N 5.25
Justice Heather Gockel 8 1/1/13-12/31/16 N .5
Supt. of Highways Stephen A. Schuman 8 1/1/12-12/31/15 N 24.9
Town Clerk Diane L. Pickett 8 1/1/12-12/31/15 N 22.17
Councilman Allen Hinkley 8 1/1/10-12/31/13 N .5


Bookkeeper/Dpty. Town Clerk #1/Budget Officer/Dpty. Registrar Carolynn Faraci 8 1/1/12-12/31/12 Y
Assessor Clerk Stephanie Seminara 8 1/1/12-12/31/12 Y
Building Inspector William Walcutt 8 1/1/13/12/31/13 To be

by NYS



AYES –            5  Murray, Raeder, Cronk, Hinkley, Hynes

NAYS – 0


On this 8th day of July, 2013

Diane Pickett, Town Clerk                        Date Enacted: July 8, 2013

I, Diane Pickett, Clerk of the governing board of the Town of Roxbury of the State of New York do hereby certify that I have compared the forgoing with the original resolution passed by such board, at a legally convened meeting held on the 8th day of July, 2013 on file as part of the minutes of such meeting, and that same is a true copy thereof and whole of such original.

I further certify that the full board consists of 5 members

and that 5 of such members were present at such meeting

and that 5 of such members voted in favor of the above resolution.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the Town of Roxbury.


Diane Pickett, Town Clerk                                                                                    Date