Town Board Agenda – October 14

Regular Meeting
October 14, 2013
Town Hall

Call To Order 7:30 pm Regular Meeting
Minutes September 9th Regular meeting
September 26th Special Meeting

Requests to Speak: Leland Liddle of 2nd Nature Construction – Caroline Lilly building issues
Department Reports: Water / Sewer
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector
Community Resources
Old Business
New Business

Letters to the Board:
Discussion from residents


• Resolution – Town Board has reviewed current Employee Handbook (approve or change needed)
• Resolution – Town Clerk monthly Report for Sept. 2013
• Resolution – Supervisor’s monthly Report for August 2013
• Resolution – Assessor’s monthly report for Sept. 2013
• Resolution – Building Inspector monthly report
• Resolution – monthly water receipts report for Sept. 2013 (Denver-GG-Roxb)
• Resolution – Justice Court monthly report for August 2013
• Resolution – appoint 1 more person for CDBG housing program review committee
• Resolution – renew Building Inspector agreement thru 12/31/13
• Resolution –Fuel Oil bid opened October 11th @ 2:00 pm
• Resolution –adopt amended computer use policy (add’l language for Justice Court files)
• Resolution – approve reimbursement to Assessor Clerk for training class in Newburgh
• Resolution – Agreement with Delaware County for snow maintenance on County roads
• Resolution – Agreement with Delaware County for snow maintenance on NYCDEP GG Sewer Plant road
• 2014 Tentative Budget distributed to Town Board
• Resolution – allow Town Clerk to renew contract with DEC for Encon licenses
• Resolution – Schedule budget workshop (October _______ @ _________pm)
• Resolution – Schedule Public Hearing on 2014 Budget Tax Cap Levy (Nov. 7th @ _______pm)
• Resolution – Schedule Public Hearing on 2014 Tentative Budget (Nov 7th @ ________pm)
• Resolution – approve Plattekill Ski Center liquor license renewal

REMINDER – Next regular monthly meeting will be held Thursday November 7th


• Truck lawsuit status
• FEMA update – 2 large roads waiting for FEMA final payment (Shepard Lane & S. Montgomery Hlw)