April 5, 2014 – Roxbury Historic Preservation Commission Approved Minutes

April 5, 2014


Lewis Wendell
Michael Mathis
Phil Lenihan
Carolynn Faraci
Jeff Tichenor

Meeting called to order at 11:14

Roxbury Wine & Spirits-Application number 09024

Jeff Tichenor was present to discuss his application for a sign for the new Roxbury Wine and Spirits store to be located in the old bank building formerly occupied by the Roxbury Arts Group.

Application for the sign was 16’ x 2’, to be put on the front of the building.

The size of the signs in the area are:
Queens Mountain Cafe 7’ X 16”
Catskill Images 60” X 24”
Jason Maloney 2’ X 2’
Roxbury General Store 2’ X 4’

The Commission talked with Jeff Tichenor and explained that the way the sign was designed was fine but that the size was an issue. It was explained that the local historic preservation law regulates “signs pertaining to commercial properties and home businesses including size, lighting and other factors of significance to maintain compatibility with surrounding properties”. The proposed sign of 16 feet was larger than all surrounding signs with the next largest being 7 feet. The Commission suggested keeping the sign to eight feet long to which Mr. Tichenor agreed.

This would keep the sign more in line within the size of the other signs. It was suggested that the sign be made to fit symmetrically into the area of the façade where it is placed.

Motion made by Phil Lenihan seconded by Michael Mathis.

Ayes-3 Phil Lenihan, Michael Mathis & Lewis Wendell

Lewis Wendell spoke with William Walcutt. William stated that he would notify the Commission on any, applications in the Historic District.

Motion by Michael Mathis seconded by Phil Lenihan that the Historic Plaque design (see attached) was chosen with the understanding that the font size would be the same.

Ayes-3 Michael Mathis, Phil Lenihan & Lewis Wendell

Mr. Wendell volunteered to follow up with the Catskill foundry to see about cost. The status of the O’Conner Foundation grant for funding of the plaques was discussed. The Commission wanted to know if they need to provide any information or if they could help Peg Ellsworth. Peg Ellsworth is going to be writing the Grant to the O’Connor Foundation.

On Motion by Phil Lenihan seconded by Michael Mathis meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Ayes-3 Phil Lenihan, Michael Mathis & Lewis Wendell