Roxbury Library Association has received a Fall 2015 Pilcrow Foundation Children’s Book Project Grant

Contact Person: Dian Seiler, Director, Roxbury Library
Telephone and Fax: (607)-326-7901

The Roxbury Library Association is pleased to announce that the RLA has received a fall 2015 Pilcrow Foundation Children’s Book Project Grant, in support of rural libraries’ children’s book acquisitions. The Pilcrow Foundation has awarded the RLA $800.00 for the purchase of children’s books, with the expectation that the RLA will raise $400.00 in matching funds towards expanding the Roxbury Library’s children’s book collection.

The Roxbury Library Association is now welcoming donations to the RLA in order to raise Pilcrow Grant matching funds. By raising $400.00 in matching funds, the RLA will be able to add a substantial number of children’s books from the Pilcrow Foundation to the Roxbury Library children’s collection, with a total of $1,200.00 in children’s book purchase funding.

Please send your donation to the attention of Roxbury Library Director Dian Seiler, Roxbury Library Association, P.O. Box 186, Roxbury, New York 12474-0186.

The RLA is devoted to enriching the lives of Roxbury and neighboring community children by nurturing an early love of reading and learning.