Greater Roxbury Business Association Holiday Business Mixer – December 8, 2015


Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 5:30 PM

At Public Lounge & Restaurant

Bridge Street, Roxbury, NY


Greater Roxbury Business Association (GRBA) invites you to its traditional Holiday Business Mixer & Networking Event, Tuesday, December 8 at 5:30 p.m., at the Public Lounge & Restaurant, on Bridge Street in Roxbury.

All are invited and welcomed to celebrate the season, and working together as a business community. At several recent business mixers the association has met with lots of interest and renewed enthusiasm for fostering and building business in Roxbury. In addition, the GRBA has recently formed a new Advisory Council composed of a group of people that have positive energy and ideas for helping grow the business community of Roxbury. The association is looking forward to an exciting year ahead with plans for the completion of a new website (both visitor and business tailored) with an enhanced digital strategy, as well as strengthening collaboration with business groups in our region to grow our community, in addition to many other ideas.

To kick off the holidays and renewed efforts to mingle, network and exchange, the organization is offering a complimentary holiday party on December 8, at The Public Lounge for any business, organization or community member who is interested in becoming a part of the organization for a $40 annual membership. To list a second or a third business the cost is $25. The annual fee for non-profit organizations is $15. If you wish to bring guests, they are welcomed; the cost is $15 per person. If you do not wish to commit to membership at this time, but want to attend the party to find out more, or if you don’t have a business, but wish to attend the cost is $15 per person. Hors d’oeuvres will be served, and a cash bar with discounted wine and beer will be available. Membership forms are attached. Please, bring them with you to the party. RSVP by November 30.

In addition, in keeping with the holiday spirit and strengthening our business to business collaboration, GRBA is also encouraging attendees of the party to bring a special discount for the products and services they offer in the form of a ‘packaged gift’ that they can bring to the party to exchange with other GRBA members.

Greater Roxbury Business Association (GRBA) for the Town of Roxbury, NY is a community / grassroots organization comprised of business owners and self-employed individuals working to increase awareness of existing businesses in the community, and to build a more cohesive and prosperous business environment, to serve the hamlets of Roxbury, Grand Gorge and Denver. The GRBA receives technical assistance from the MARK Project — a 501 ( c ) (3) not-for-profit community and economic development organization.

GRBA Advisory Council:

Simona David, Simona David Consulting, GRBA Co-Founder
Danielle Vajtay, Plattekill Mountain, GRBA President
Jennifer Schuman, Numann Technology Center & Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce, GRBA Vice President
Jerry Stein, Law Office of Jerald M. Stein, GRBA Treasurer
Kellie Sullivan, Kaatskill Eldercare, GRBA Secretary
Sharon Reich, Advertising Consultant, Member Advisory Council
Elizabeth Sherr, Sherr Consulting, Member Advisory Council