Roxbury Town Board February 8, 2016 Meeting Agenda

Regular Meeting
February 8, 2016

Town Hall

Call To Order  7:30 pm

Minutes January 4th Organizational Meeting

Requests to Speak:

Department Reports:
Water / Sewer
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector
Community Resources

Old Business

New Business

Letters to the Board: Dennis Moore – request 2 parcels be removed from the Hamlet Designation 2016

Earl & Glenda Krom-request 3 parcels be removed from Hamlet Designation 2016

Roxbury Sr. Club – Thank you

Discussion from residents



·       Resolution-Police Policy reviewed and re-adopt or changes needed
·       Resolution-Town Clerk monthly report for January 2016
·       Resolution-Supervisor’s monthly report for December 2015
·       Resolution-Assessor’s monthly report for January 2016
·       Resolution-Building Inspector monthly report for January 2016
·       Resolution-monthly water receipts report for January 2016
·       Resolution-Justice Court monthly report for December 2015
·       Resolution-Agreement for expenditure of highway moneys
·       Resolution – vacancy on Historic Commission 3 year term thru 12/31/18
·       Resolution-advertise bids for highway fuels to open March 11th @ 2:00 pm
·       Resolution-advertise bids for highway material hauling to open March 11th @ 2:15 pm
·       Resolution-MOU East Branch Delaware River Stream Corridor Mgt, Plan
·       Resolution-liquor license application for MaryAndy Café (Martin Lerner property)
·       ZS Security Quote for cabinet
·       McGinnis water repair
·       New Flood Maps
·       Open Building Permit list
·       Revised GG/Roxbury Water bylaws