Roxbury Town Planning Board Approved Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Roxbury Town Planning Board Meeting

Present: Phil Zorda, Jean Stone, Dave Cowan, Brad Zambri, Jill Ribich, secretary/alternate. Nicole Franzese from DC Planning Board.

Absent: Ed Hinkley, Rob Cole, Joe Farleigh

Meeting called to order by Chairman Phil Zorda at 7:30

7:30: Motion to approve minutes of November 18, 2015 meeting by Jean Stone, seconded by Dave Cowan

No Old Business

New Business:

There was a general discussion regarding Commercial Solar Installations being proposed in the area. Nicole Franzese advised that land owners need to be diligent when signing leases regarding taxes and other inherent obligations that occur if and when the solar company abandons the installation.

Phil Zorda stated that one of the responsibilities of the Roxbury Town Planning Board is site plan review and that the Town’s attorney has indicated that commercial solar would fall under our review. Stephanie from the assessor’s office has suggested that parcels leased for solar installations be subdivided to protect the land owner and any ag exemptions they may have. Twenty acres is generally the minimum number of acres for a commercial solar installation.

The board was advised of a Land Acquisition Project by the state of New York on Hard Scrabble Road near Duggan Hill consisting of three small lots; NYC parcel # 8027 totaling 28.34 acres. The acquisition was review by the Delaware County Planning Board and no action is necessary by the town board.

The Delaware County Planning Board adjusted the town map for the Hamlet of Grand Gorge to reflect three parcels removed from the map at the request of the land owners. No action necessary by the town board.

There was a mention of what is involved to designate RT 30 as a scenic route. Apparently a group from Schoharie County has approached the town about the possibility.

8:30: Motion to adjourn by Jean Stone seconded by Dave Cowan

NOTES: Brad Zambri was appointed and Ed Hinkley was reappointed to the Roxbury Town Planning Board at the December 2015 meeting. Phil Zorda was appointed as chairman at the January 2016 meeting.