Roxbury Town Board June 13, 2016, Meeting Agenda

Public Hearing
Regular Meeting
June 13, 2016
Town Hall

Call To Order   7:15 pm  Public Hearing Local Law Flood Maps

7:30 pm  Regular Meeting

Minutes May 9th  regular meeting

Requests to Speak:
Bill Morgan – Adirondack Scenic Byway Presentation
Nicole Franzese- flood maps
Cherie Serrie – ?
Department Reports:
Water / Sewer
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector
Community Resources

Old Business

New Business

Letters to the Board:
Patricia Keith re: violation

Discussion from residents



·       Resolution-Town Clerk monthly report for May 2016
·       Resolution-Supervisor’s monthly report for April 2016
·       Resolution-Assessor’s monthly report for May 2016
·       Resolution-Building Inspector monthly report for May 2016
·       Resolution-monthly water receipts report for May 2016
·       Resolution-Justice Court monthly report for February  2016
·       Resolution-Tax Collector final report
·       Resolution-Flood Maps
·       Resolution-transfer GNF to General Fund for Hwy generator
·       Resolution-transfer $50,000 from Hwy Fund to Hwy Equipment Reserve
·       Resolution-transfer $47,062.50 from Hwy Equipment Reserve to Highway Fund for new truck
·       Resolution-change BAR members to be paid contractually instead of on payroll effective 1/1/17
·       Transfer Station closed for repairs Wednesday July 13th
·       2015 Annual Water Reports  sent to customers
·       Grand Gorge & Roxbury Water project
·       Grand Gorge Tire sewer hookup
·       Constable vehicle

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