Roxbury Planning Board Meeting Minutes – September 21, 2016

Roxbury Town Planning Board Meeting
Roxbury Town Hall
September 21, 2016

Present: Rob Cole, Phil Zorda, Dave Cowan, Jean Stone, Ed Hinkley, Joe Farleigh and Nicole Franzese of Delaware Co Planning Dept.
Absent: Jill Ribich, Brad Zambri

Chair Phil Zorda opened the Public Hearings at 7:30 pm.

a. MapNo.157.2-1-20.1
Dennis Slater – 2 lot subdivision on Old Route #30
Applicant submitted: proof of mailing, copies of public hearing notices, final application, Short Environmental Assessment Form, survey map, metes and bounds description of new parcel and $10.00 of the remaining fee due.
b. MapNo.92.-1-8.11
Van Aiken – 3 lot subdivision represented by Rob Allison.
Applicant submitted: waiver for the soils tests, proof of mailing, Ag Data Statement sent with the public hearing notice, final application. Short Form EAF and fee submitted last month.
143.58 acre parcel proposed to be subdivided into 3 lots. 39.94 & 79.23 acre parcels to be sold to NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) and 24.41 acres to be retained with the house. General discussion of NYCDEP land acquisition process. Due to the property being located adjacent to the Grand Gorge Waste Water Treatment Plant the applicant has requested a waiver of the soils tests.

c. Map No. 91.2-9-13
Dollar General Site Plan – Represented by Larry Marshall of Mecurio-Norton-Tarolli- Marchall Engineering & Land Surveying
Applicant submitted: full site plan, landscaping plan, lighting plan that is dark sky compliant.
7,500 square feet (85 x 85) Dollar General to be constructed on the corner of West side of State Route #23 and South side of School House Drive. Site plan contains 27 parking spaces and is ADA compliant. The site will be served by public water and sewer. The lighting plan has five poles in the parking lot and on the building. The lights will be dark sky compliant and facing down to avoid affecting adjoining properties. The existing structure and macadam/gravel will be removed from site and a detailed landscaping plan that includes size, species number of plants has been prepared.
The applicant has contacted NYCDEP for WWTP hook-up and stormwater pollution prevention plan details. They are awaiting comments.
The building aesthetics are similar to the town highway garage.

? When will construction start? Spring 2017.
? How will the structure be heated? Propane.
? How long will construction take? 3-4 months. Hope to open by 7/4/17. Primax Properties who owns the property will hire a general contractor to build the store and they have a policy to use local contractors whenever possible.
? How many employees? There will be a total of 8-10 full-time and part-time employees.
? What are the hours? The store will be open 8 am to 10 pm 7 days a week.
? Is this a franchise? No, this is corporate – Dollar General will have a long-term lease from Primax Properties.
? Can how the structure looks be improved? In some areas Dollar General makes the stores look more aesthetically pleasing, is this possible? The ability to improve the appearance of the store is tied to the calculated market strength and location of the store.

As there were no additional questions/comments from the public Chair Phil Zorda closed the Public Hearings at 8 pm.

  1. Chair Zorda called the regular Roxbury planning board meeting to order at 8:00 pm.
  2. Motion to approve the August 2016 planning board minutes by Dave Cowan, second by Ed Hinkley. Motion passed unanimously.
  3. Old Business

a. Map No. 157.-2-1-20.1
Dennis Slater Subdivision – Planning board reviewed the Short Form EAF and identified no potential negative impacts.
Motion by Joe Farleigh to issue a Negative Declaration, second by Dave Cowan. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion to approve subdivision by Ed Hinkley, second by Rob Cole. Motion passed unanimously.

Chair Zorda signed the maps and informed Mr. Slater he had 62 days to file the maps.

b. MapNo.92.-1-8.11
Van Aiken Subdivision – Motion to waive the soils tests for the subdivision due to the proximity to public WWTP hook-up made by Jean Stone, second by Rob Cole. Motion passed unanimously.
Planning board reviewed the Short Form EAF and identified no negative impacts. Motion by Ed Hinkley to issue a Negative Declaration, second by Dave Cowan. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion to approve the subdivision by Joe Farleigh, second by Dave Cowan. Motion passed unanimously.

Chair Zorda signed the maps.

c. Map No. 91.2-9-13
Dollar General – Represented by Larry Marshall
Applicant received comments from NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) on the width of the entrance. DOT wants a narrower opening. Due to truck deliveries this could be an issue so the applicant will continue to work with DOT on a viable entrance. DOT also asked for road shoulder reconstruction however that is not necessary as the WWTP hook-up is on the site and the shoulder will not be disturbed.
The applicant is waiting for comments from NYCDEP on the stormwater plan and the board informed the applicant to contact the Catskill Watershed Corporation to explore potential funding assistance.
No sidewalks will be added to the site.
The aesthetics of the building should be improved and the planning board will like to see examples of other designs for consideration. Mr. Marshall will bring them next month.
General discussion of the proposed signage at the site. The applicant wants to erect a ‘lollipop’ sign. The planning board determined this type of sign isn’t suitable for the site & road and speed location. The applicant will provide designs for a monument sign on the site.
The applicant will continue to forward all correspondence for the project to the Chair. Average septic usage for the building is 30 gpd.
Dollar General will be back next month with the requested information.
4. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 pm by Joe Farleigh, second by Ed Hinkley. Motion passed unanimously.
Next planning board meeting scheduled for October 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm at the Roxbury Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted, Nicole Franzese