Notice – Public Hearing December 12, 2016

Town of Roxbury, New York

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held before the Town Board for the Town of Roxbury at the Roxbury Town Hall, 53690 State Hwy 30, Roxbury, New York on the 12th day of December 2016, at 7:15 p.m., regarding the adoption of a proposed Local Law prohibiting the posting of signs on the Veterans Memorial Site located at the corner of State Route 30 and County Route 41, thereby preserving and enhancing the aesthetics of this property that is located in the Town by prohibiting the desecration of a Public Monument due to the posting of signs on said property.  At such time and place all persons interested in the subject matter thereof will be heard concerning the same.

Copies of the proposed law shall be available at the time of the hearing and shall be available at times prior to and after the hearing at the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours for the purpose of inspection or procurement by interested persons.

Any and all citizens are invited to attend this Public Hearing.  It is the policy of the Town of Roxbury not to discriminate on the basis of disability.  Please contact Diane Pickett, Town Clerk, at 607-326-7641 if you need any special accommodations and the Town will make appropriate arrangements to ensure that you can participate in this public meeting.

By Order of Town Board
Town of Roxbury
Dated: November 28, 2016