Roxbury Town Board Meeting Agenda – December 12, 2016

Public Hearing
Regular Meeting
December 12, 2016
Town Hall

Call To Order  7:15 pm Public Hearing-Proposed Local Law re: Veteran’s Memorial Site signs

7:30 pm Regular Meeting

Minutes  November Meetings

Requests to Speak:
Everett Farrell-Engineering RFQ
Greg Henderson/Joe Massa-memorial sign @ Stratton Falls
Michael Harrington-Denver Water project

Department Reports:
Water / Sewer
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector

Community Resources

Old Business

New Business

Letters to the Board:

Discussion from residents



·       Resolution-Town Clerk monthly report for November 2016
·       Resolution-Supervisor’s monthly report for October 2016
·       Resolution-Assessor’s monthly report for November 2016
·       Resolution-Building Inspector monthly report for November 2016
·       Resolution-monthly water receipts report for November 2016
·       Resolution-Justice Court monthly report for September & October 2016
·       Resolution-schedule Year End Meeting December 28th @ 4:00 pm?
·       Resolution-schedule Organizational Meeting January 3rd @7:30 pm?
·       Resolution-award bid for Denver Water PRV Building
·       Resolution-revise Employee Handbook Section 807 (…to be included in the first TWO paychecks of each month.)
·       Resolution-Draft Local Law re: signs at the memorial
·       Resolution-authorize Supv. to execute DOS grant for Community Kitchen
·       Resolution-Denver Water District Project set Public Hearing
·       Resolution-Denver Water District bonding
·       Moratorium on NYCDEP land purchases
·       Denver Water District work update
·       NYCDEP Collection System Assessment
·       GG Tire sewer hookup