Notice – Request for Proposal for Architectural Services

The Town of Roxbury is requesting proposal for architectural services for a space in the north barn in Kirkside to be developed as a community kitchen. The facility is located just off Main Street in the hamlet of Roxbury, behind Kirkside Retirement Home. The finished space will be approximately 1100 Square feet.

The kitchen will serve the agricultural community as well as artisan food producers  The goal of the space is allow for the kitchen to be rented to farmers and food producers to start or extend their line of value added products, packaged for resale.

Firms submitting proposals should include a coordinated effort with an experienced Ag and Markets/Commercial Kitchen Planner and this should be part of the final design.

The proposal should include costs for the following elements:

1. Preliminary design and layout
2. Kitchen equipment design and placement
3. Final specs for electric needed for lighting and equipment, plumbing, heating, and all other mechanical aspects needed for any Board of Health/Ag and Markets certifications.
4. Cost estimates for the entire project including but not limited to

• construction/renovation
• interior  design and layout
• equipment costs
• interior and exterior finishes

5. Bids specifications for any construction activity

For interested firms, there will be a walk through of the property on Wednesday, March 15th at 2pm.

Proposal should be submitted to the Town of Roxbury no later than Thursday April 6th at 4:00 pm. Proposals will be reviewed at the April 10th Town Board Meeting. The successful firm should be prepared to begin work immediately and have the aforementioned documents in place by July 15th 2017.

For questions concerning this RFP please contact Peg Ellsworth, Executive Director of the MARK Project at 845 586 3500.

The Town of Roxbury is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer and does not discriminate against race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, genetics or gender identity.