Roxbury Town Board Meeting Agenda – March 13, 2017

Regular Meeting
March 13, 2017

Town Hall

Call To Order 7:30 pm Regular Meeting

Minutes February Meeting

Requests to Speak:

Mike Harrington-Water Projects
County Undersheriff Dumond-drug interdiction program

Department Reports:
Water / Sewer
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector
Community Resources

Old Business

New Business

Letters to the Board:

Roxbury Senior Citizen Club

Discussion from residents



·       Resolution-Town Clerk monthly report for February 2017
·       Resolution-Supervisor’s monthly report for January 2017
·       Resolution-Assessor’s monthly report for February 2017
·       Resolution-Building Inspector monthly report for February 2017
·       Resolution-monthly water receipts report for February 2017
·       Resolution-Justice Court monthly report for January 2017
·       Resolution-Tax Collector monthly report for February 2017
·       Resolution-award/reject bids for Highway Material Hauling
·       Resolution-award/reject bids for Highway Diesel Fuel
·       Resolution-transfer $4,067.16 from Roxbury Sewer to Roxbury Sewer Capital Reserve
·       Resolution-fill Planning Board Alternate term thru 12/31/19
·       Resolution-Lamont Eng Agreement for Denver Water Design Phase Tank Controls & Well Electric
·       Resolution-Young & Sommer Agreement for Denver Water Improvements
·       Resolution-transfer $50,000 from Highway Fund to Highway Equip. Reserve Fund
·       MTC price increases effective 4/1/17
·       2016 Annual Financial Report has been filed with the State Comptroller
·       Start bidding for sand outside of County Bid
·       Denver Water Bonding
·       GG/Roxbury Water Project
·       Old Highway Garage roof repair
·       NYCDEP Collection System Assessment
·       GG Tire sewer hookup
·       Town Equipment List as of 12/31/16 distributed to Town Board
·       Good Neighbor Fund balance as of 12/31/16  distributed to Town Board
·       Cty Planning Public Hearing 4/5/17 at Town Hall 6:00 pm re: Train Depot study

April 10th regular meeting @ GG Civic Center


Highway Contract expires 12/31/17
Water & Sewer Operator Agreements (LVDV Operations) expire 12/31/17
(new ones need to be in place by 9/1/17 for 2018 budgeting purposes)