Notice – Public Hearing April 10, 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Roxbury, Delaware County, New York, will meet at the Civic Center, in Grand Gorge, New York, in said Town, on April 10, 2017, at 7:15 o’clock P.M., Prevailing Time, for the purpose of conducting a public hearing in relation to the proposed increase and improvement of the distribution facilities of the Town’s Roxbury Water District, including water main replacement, selected valve and hydrant replacement, and miscellaneous equipment procurement, and the improvement of the water supply facilities of the Roxbury Water District for the joint benefit of the Roxbury Water District and the Grand Gorge Water District, including a new well, a new well control building and appurtenances and the rehabilitation of the PW-1 well house, together with emergency generators for PW-1, PW-3, the Roxbury Reservoir and the Roxbury Springs Station, a new chlorine contact main for PW-1 and PW-3, filtration for the Roxbury Spring Source to improve water quality, associated booster pumping, and controls system replacement, in the Town of Roxbury, Delaware County, New York, all as more fully described in the September 1, 2016 Preliminary Engineering Report of Lamont Engineers, Cobleskill, New York, and including incidental expenses in connection therewith, at an estimated maximum cost to the Roxbury Water District of $1,794,500.

The aforesaid project has been determined by the Town Board to be a “Type I” Action pursuant to the regulations of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation promulgated pursuant to the State Environmental Quality Review Act, the implementation of which, as proposed, the Town Board has determined will not result in any significant environmental effects.

At said public hearing said Town Board will hear all persons interested in the subject matter thereof.