May 9, 2017 – Tuesday Forum Program

Contact Person: Dian Seiler, Director, Roxbury Library
Telephone and Fax: (607)-326-7901

For the Roxbury Library Association Tuesday Forum Program on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, at 1:00 p.m., at the Roxbury Library, Fleischmanns, N.Y., author Bill Birns will discuss his 2016 nonfiction publication I WAS CORNING A BEAVER, LIKE YOU DO: JOHN BURROUGHS, JOE HEWITT, MOUNTAIN CULTURE.

Regular RLA Tuesday Forum attendees will provide refreshments following Mr. Birns’ program.

The Roxbury Library Association welcomes the public to all RLA Tuesday Forum programs, activities, and gatherings, which are free of charge.

For information about upcoming RLA Tuesday Forum programs, activities, and gatherings, please contact Roxbury Library Director Dian Seiler or Roxbury Library Clerk Helen Faraci at (607)-326-7901.

Located at 53742 State Highway 30, the Roxbury Library is directly opposite the town’s United Methodist Church on Main Street.