ROXBURY TOWN BOARD Regular Meeting March 12, 2018 Town Hall

Call To Order 7:30 Regular Meeting

Minutes February Meeting

Requests to Speak: Mike Harrington-water projects funding & work status

Department Reports: Water / Sewer
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector
Community Resources
Old Business
New Business
Letters to the Board: Roxbury Sr. Citizens Club-Thank you
Fred Morse-Water/Sewer

Discussion from Residents


  • Resolution-Supervisor’s monthly report for January 2017
  • Resolution-Town Clerk monthly report for February 2018
  • Resolution-Assessor’s monthly report for February 2018
  • Resolution-Building Inspector monthly report for February 2018
  • Resolution-monthly water report for February 2018
  • Resolution-Justice Court monthly report for January 2017
  • Resolution-Tax Collector report for February 2018
  • Resolution-vacancy on RHPC with term thru 12/31/19
  • Resolution-advertise Highway Fuels Bid award
  • Resolution-advertise Material Hauling bid award
  • Resolution-renew Junkyard License of Marty Built (Charcoal Rd)
  • Resolution-Tax Collector Records Destruction (2011)
  • Resolution-meter replacement costs
  • Resolution-open building permit letter to 2017 non-response mailings
  • Resolution-Meter Replacement charges Denver Water & GG/Roxbury Water
  • Resolution-Mountainside Creamery
  • Resolution- ZS Security quote for additional cameras Kirkside Park
  • 2017 Annual Financial Report has been filed with the State
  • Cheryl Hinkley resigns as cleaner Town Hall effective 2/14/18 (keep doing Civic Center)
  • 2017 Roxbury Sewer Reconciliation approved by NYCDEP
  • Open Building Permit list (to date) distributed to Town Board
  • Tax Records
  • Building Code changes
  • Transfer Station extra fill-in

REMINDER: April 9, 2018 meeting is at the Grand Gorge Civic Center @ 7:30 pm