ROXBURY TOWN BOARD Regular Meeting October 8, 2018 Town Hall

Regular Meeting
October 8, 2018
Town Hall

Call To Order 7:30 Regular Meeting
Minutes September Meeting
Requests to Speak: Mike Harrington-Water Project Update

Department Reports: Water / Sewer
Planning Board
Building & Grounds
Building Inspector
Community Resources
Old Business
New Business
Letters to the Board:
Discussion from Residents


  • Resolution-Town Clerk monthly report for September 2018
  • Resolution-Supervisor’s monthly report for August 2018
  • Resolution-Assessor’s monthly report for September 2018
  • Resolution-Building Inspector monthly report for September 2018
  • Resolution-monthly water report for September 2018
  • Resolution-Justice Court monthly report for August 2018
  • Resolution-award bid for 2018/2019 heating fuels
  • Resolution-CDBG recaptured funds held @ WCCRC (project?)
  • Resolution-Public Hearing 2019 Preliminary Budget (Nov. 8, 2018 @ _______PM)
  • Resolution-schedule Public Hearing for proposed Local Law for Tax Cap Override (Nov 8, 2018 @ ______PM)
  • Resolution-Denver Water Project ACS utility location agreement
  • Resolution-SEQRA kitchen project & lead agency
  • Resolution-General Fund loan Denver Sewer money for bills
  • Resolution- Budget Transfer General Fund
  • Resolution-liquor license for The Roxbury Barn
  • Resolution-schedule Public Hearing for CDBG Application October 17th @ 6:45 pm
  • Resolution- amend/update Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Resolution-MVP Dental Rates renewal
  • Water District maps and District tax
  • Tax Cap Override proposed Local Law distributed to T/Board
  • Health Inspector report Nedos house
  • Dadras bill for park kitchen
  • Becker Ave. one way street request
  • ZS Security quote for additional cameras Kirkside Park
  • Open Building Permit list (to date) distributed to Town Board

Budget Workshop Thursday October 17th @ 7:00 pm
November Meeting Thursday November 8th @ 7:30 pm