Public Info Mtg Ideas

Ideas from Covid Relief Information Gathering Meeting held on zoom and Kirkside Park on June 16, 2021



Gateway Signage – signage to connect Grand Gorge, Roxbury and Denver

Way Finding Signage

Fire Department needs

Signage for walking, biking trails

Garbage cans, dog poop bags, benches

Heat for Kirkside barn so it can be used throughout the year

Abandoned Properties

Drawing people to Roxbury


Street Lights

Access to Headwaters of the Delaware


Depot and the Icehouse

Adult Exercise – maybe on the playground

Affordable Housing

Pool and/or Skating Ring

Cell Service

Funding for the Library

Public Library – leave a book take a book

Upgrades to town hall building

Civic Center Playground

Business Recruitment and Business Investment

Investing in Emergency Response Services

Building Community Resilience

Improving the Business Climate