Building Inspector

Contact Information

Tomi Tompkins, Building Inspector/CEO
PO Box 189
53690 State Highway 30
Roxbury, NY 12474
Phone/Fax: (607) 326-7643

Office hours Fridays 1:00 – 4:00pm

Work consists of time in the office and in the field; therefore, if you have a specific project you’d like to discuss, a scheduled phone or in-person appointment is suggested.

All applications must be accompanied by cash or check in order for a permit or closeout certificate to be issued. Electronic payments are not accepted. 

Applications with proper payment may be accepted by the Town Clerk.

Building Permit
Floodplain Development Permit App
Workers Comp Affidavit of Exemption
Permit Renewal Application
Certificate Of Occupancy/Compliance Application
Application For Demolition Permit
Application For Certificate Of Compliance To Close Out A Demo Permit

Subdivision, Zoning and Deeds

Although there is no zoning within the Town of Roxbury, there are subdivision regulations and recommendations for historic preservation projects and some projects may require site plan review. Click here to be directed to the Planning Board page.

Refer to your deed to determine what, if any, restrictions may apply; sample restrictions range from the size and style of dwelling to restrictions on farm animals. 

Deed restrictions and their compliance are not reviewed or considered when issuing building permits and enforcement of deed restrictions are a civil matter.

To request a copy of your deed, visit the Delaware County Clerk’s Office.

About Septic Systems

Because of our location in the New York City Watershed, there are DEP requirements for septic approval prior to subdivision or construction. 

New septic projects, contact DEP 607.588.7453

Septic replacement, upgrade or other information, contact Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC)

As indicated on the building permit application, applications for new house construction must include NYC DEP septic plan approval. If applying for an addition that will include a bedroom(s), written approval from DEP must be included approving use of the existing system. (DEP 607-363-7000) 

A Building Permit will not be issued without DEP septic approval.

Maps, Mapping & Survey Links

By clicking on the link below, you’ll be redirected to the Delaware County Office of Real Property Tax Services page for maps, survey and related services.

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