Kirkside Park

SummerKirkside Park is a 14 acre treasure formerly the estate of Helen Gould Shepard-daughter of Roxbury native son, Jay Gould. At the turn of the 20th century, Miss Gould purchased the property adjacent to the newly constructed Jay Gould Reformed Church and immediately began renovating this once humble 7 room farmhouse into the magnificent mansion it is today. She named the house Kirkside, which means “alongside the church” and would summer there until her death in 1938. She also purchased the land behind the property and engaged the services of her landscape architect Ferdinand Mangold whose approach to Landscape Architecture was well documented through his work on the grounds at Lyndhurst, Ms Gould’s Hudson Valley estate. Mangold continued to develop the Kirkside ground through the early part of the 20th century.

By 1905 Kirkside Park was appointed with rustic Adirondack style bridges, winding paths that lined the east branch of the Delaware River, meticulously crafted dry laid stream bank retaining walls and a horticultural wonderland of native plantings and imports from the Lyndhurst Greenhouse.

After Ms Gould-Shepards death in 1938, Kirkside and Kirkside Park was owned privately for a short period and then was deeded to the Reformed Church of America. In years following the park suffered

KirksidParksizeddecades of neglect—rustic bridges replaced with iron rails, path systems overgrown and swept away, and sorely deteriorated stream bank walls.

In 1980, Kirkside Park was under threat of development. It was then when a group of community minded citizens stepped up and formed the “Save Kirkside Committee” They petitioned the church and raised the funds to buy the parcel known as Kirkside Park and upon acquisition the Save Kirkside Committee deeded the property to the Town of Roxbury with the stipulation that it would remain a public park in perpetuity.
IMG_1750sizedIn 1999, the Town of Roxbury initiated the restoration of this community jewel. With the assistance of various state, local and federal agencies, private donations and fundraising events, Kirkside Park has been restored to its glorious splendor and now once again serves as the centerpiece of the hamlet of Roxbury.

The newly developed Barn Pavilion space in Kirkside Park is available for rent for private parties. Click here to see some new photos and contact the Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation for details and pricing.


Phone: (607) 326-3722

Additional Contacts for Park Events:


You must supply your own. Some lead chords available.


200-amp dedicated service on the field
200-amp dedicated service on the island
200-amp dedicated service in the South Barn


Bloomville, NY
Dan Craft  – (607) 538-9088
Various size tents available.

Margaretville, NY
Mike Finberg – (845) 586-1999
Various sizes, tents & tables, also can supply dance floors, heaters, dishes and more.

Kingston, NY
(845) 336-5800
Larger rentals

KAREN LANG – (607) 538-1584 / (607) 437-2582 (cell)
Tables, linens, chairs, etc.


Community Resource Clerk (607) 326-3722
Peg Ellsworth MARK Project (845) 586-3500